Allowing Authenticity.

On Friday my new EP released on  Echoes from Venus , I’m grateful and honored it released on the label did I resonate with.

The EP has been made to last for a while. Up to now I never listened to what I did, but I only listened to the  sound of the song. Something just about the music I was making, and it’s clear what to do. I was not making music something i am not.

I believe that what we create in life has a direct connection to what we do. And with my situation, I lived a long time totally disconnected from who I am to the core. This is why I am grateful to be making music.

On the EP I worked with three incredible artists who truly have a gift and their voices. All three artists are very talented, but more importantly are truly good people who I consider friends.

Nina  and I created the title track together, “Obrigado”

Tripira  and I created “When We Meet.”

Anir life   and I created “Four Directions.”