Inner Dance

W e live in a society overloaded with external noise and conditioning did cloud our being from Accessing the authentic voice that speaks to us, pleading for us to honor the authenticity All which is essential to step into a place of clarity in our lives. Because of the excess noise of conditioning though, we often find ourselves walking in the street.

Over the years I have worked with my ancestors, some extraordinarily gifted shamans and healers who along with their wisdom and tools to do so connect them to the inner wisdom that is needed for one to help them find clarity and embrace the path in life they are meant to experience.

I facilitate sound journey DJ sets at various events, clubs, and festivals and also conduct more intimate journeys in spaces in the city and near nature. An important aspect of the journey is encapsulating the experience in a ritualistic way of connecting deeply with the self to clear an opening for divine.

The journey often begins with a shamanic drum and voice journey transitioning into to organically fused DJ set where I utilize sound tools to help the participants dive deep within and release stuck energies inside through the dance. The journey is designed and tuned to connect to one another.

For booking requests for the inner dance contact me here.